Alien Fruits Mobile Slot Review

This is a mobile slot that you will need to download if you want to play. It’s an easy thing to do, just use the mFortune mobile casino app and you’ll be away. It’s a great mobile slot so definitely worth downloading. At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking this is just a normal fruit machine slot. Look closer and you will see little Aliens everywhere. Also with superb added mini Bonus Rounds you get best of both worlds, Classic play, modern twists.


So the theme here is your classic fruit machine. Along with your recognisable fruits bars and sevens is a funny little UFO. Play is slick and simple and those Aliens look pretty angry. Maybe it’s because they know your about to take their money from them.


1 Payline/3 Reels

Bonus Features

So there is no usual Wilds and Scatters here but some really original little bonus rounds. To get on to these you need to get three UFO’s in row. You will then be beamed off to a mini bonus round-

Lucky Star- You will be shown a load of stars that all have hidden prizes attached. Pick the star to see your prize.

Alien Attack- Attack when closest to the prize you want.

Tricky Alien- Well named. Pick the Alien who has the biggest prize. They will try and confuse you by switching around.

Red or Green- Choose what colour you think the Alien will be. Get it right and get your win doubled.

Min/Max bet per spin

Minimum 10p/Maximum £1

Slot Rating
  • Gameplay
  • Jackpots
  • Device Compatibility

In Brief

This is a real fun slot that gives you a really entertaining play. especially when you get to the brilliant bonus rounds.

User Rating: 0.3 (16 votes)

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