Aliens Slot Review: Net Entertainment

aliens mobile slotThis amazing new mobile slot is truly excellent and has to played to be believed.

If you haven’t played this mobile slot yet, why not? For us it has raised the bar in the mobile slot world and then some. It feels like a new crossbreed between a mobile slot and a video game. It delivers on all levels and we can see why NetEnt are so proud of their newest addition to their family.

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Aliens Casino Mobile Slot Review

The graphics are outstanding. Providing us with all the iconic images (the dreaded facehuggers etc) we would expect to see. The player of Aliens sees the slot through a camera attached to a marines helmet. Nice!

netent aliens hive

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There are a defined three levels in this mobile slot (hence the feeling of a video game).

  1. The Search
  2. The Encounter
  3. The Hive

All themes taken from the blockbuster film.

The Search

your first level is pretty much standard play. Saying that the graphics and iconic Aliens symbols are so superb there’s nothing really standard about this mobile slot. Once you’ve reached 10 winning combinations, which are shown on the side by a metre, then you’re off to The Encounter.

The Encounter

This is where you can start getting weighty wins. Your multipliers from the first level are carried over and used on the symbols in this stage. Meaning it is possible to get 6x multiplier on 3 symbols per spin. Yep. Big win possible! There will also be an alien attack in this level. Kill them before they kill you.

The Hive

This is where you can really win big. Kill the queen and get up to x240 multiplier. Of course it isn’t easy but it is achievable.

The Video clips of Aliens at the start is (for us) amazing. Some people may feel it’s a little long but NetEnt have given you the chance to skip it if you want to (what????). This game will blow your mind. It is top of our mobile slot list and we wonder what will be able to knock it off?

Aliens Mobile Slot Verdict

I think it’s pretty obvious how we feel. This game is a new level of mobile slot. It’s intelligent, exciting and has mixed up two genres and created a mini masterpiece. Once you start playing you will see exactly what we mean. NetEnt you are top notch.

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Aliens is possibly our favourite mobile slot that is around at the moment. Netent you have created something really special.

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