Bar King Mad Mobile Slot Review

Now this is a good idea. Take your normal Bar slot and just soup it up a little bit. Not too much. You still get no nonsense play but with just a few more paylines and a couple of cool bonus features. Don’t worry though you still get the classic fruit machine play which we all love so much. This great mobile slot also has a very satisfying progressive jackpot attached. Nice. Very nice.


So as we’ve mentioned they haven’t ventured to far away from the old fruit machine look and feel, if at all actually. You’ll see coloured sevens, fruits and bars and the noises all add up to classic old school play.


5 Paylines/3 Reels

Bonus Features

For such a simple game the two bonus rounds are very cool indeed. One involves the bar king himself. Guess against him to win the prizes.

The second bonus round is a number trail. Get to the end of this trail and you will be very happy indeed. It’s here where your coins start growing.


There is a progressive jackpot with Bar King Mad mobile slot. The more people who play the bigger the jackpot.


We played this for quite a while and wins came often. We didn’t hit the jackpot but the bonus features made us very happy indeed.




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In Brief

Bar King Mad (get it?) mobile slot is great. It mixes smooth game play up with great bonus rounds.

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