Sky Millions Mobile Slot Review: Sky Vegas

Sky Millions is available on Sky Vegas and can bring you……millions

This high paying mobile slot is only available on Sky Vegas so if you’re not a fan or don’t enjoy it as an online casino go read another of our reviews. However, if you fancy winning a massive progressive jackpot on a straightforward mobile slot… on.

The theme is not an original one. It’s one of the high life and luxury and all the symbols we are used to seeing are shown and have been blinged up, there’s a yacht, a private plane, sports car and of course a large bottle of champagne. Even though we’ve seen them before it’s still executed very well and they have ensured that play is easy.

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Bonus Features

Wild Symbol- Here we go, this is where the game picks up speed. The Wild Symbol is a stack of notes with a neon pink Wild written across them. The Wild will stand in for all other symbols and can bring you some very big wins.

Scatter Symbol and Jackpot Round- Okay, this is where you’ll be on the edge of your seat and clinging on! The Scatter Symbol is two gold bars with Sky Millions written on them (just to remind you how much you could win). Get this symbol on reels 1, 3 or 5 and your into the Jackpot round. This is great. You are shown one large wheel with another two inside each circle get smaller as the prizes get bigger. What you need is for the spin to land on the little purple arrow. This will then lead you into the next circle and so on. Even if you don’t get the huge jackpot you can still leave this round with some big sums of cash.

Sky Millions Mobile Slot Verdict

The jackpot here is amazing. They’ve made play as simple as possible recognising that with a progressive jackpot you don’t need smoke and mirrors. Players are here to win and to win big.  The bonus round really lifts your heart rate and  hopefully your amount of coins.

Where to play Sky Millions Mobile Slot

Well there’s only one choice!

Play now at Sky Vegas with a £10 No Deposit Bonus
Slot Rating
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In Brief

It's the huge jackpots that really make Sky Millions a great mobile slot to play. However, base play can be pretty cool too.

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