Treasure Palace Mobile Slot Review: MicroGaming

Win your own treasure on Treasure Palace a Mobile Slot by MicroGaming

Treasure Palace is a little gem of a mobile slot. Once again MicroGaming have proved that there is a mobile slot out there for you whatever your tastes. If you’re looking for bonus features then look somewhere else if you’re looking for bits of film or video to be played out then again, look somewhere else. If you’re looking for the chance to win big style just for simply matching five symbols in a row then hallelujah you’ve found the mobile slot for you.

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The graphics on Treasure Palace are pretty sumptuous with rich colours and jewels dazzling at you. MicroGaming have given us the Ten through to Ace (all with a little cluster of treasure casually hanging round them), a Prince, a Queen and a King and the all-important animal,s a tiger and an elephant ( well at least statues of them). Now get 5 Maharajah Symbols on an active payline and this is how you win the mighty jackpot of 10,000 coins. Yes, this is what keeps the players playing and the winners winning. This is an excellent jackpot for something you can carry around in your pocket.

The other symbols that are important in Treasure Palace are the Wild, a sapphire necklace. This beautiful looking symbol stands in for other symbols and helps you get winning combinations on your ever spinning reels. Then there’s the Scatter which is represented by a golden key. The Scatter can completely turn this game on its head as depending on how many you get will decide how much your coins staked are multiplied by-

3 Golden Keys- 5x multiplier

4 Golden Keys- 20x Multiplier

5 Golden Keys- 50x Multiplier

As you can see, these Golden Keys are pretty important.

Play is simple so we think it works best on your iPhone or Android mobile phone. Big wins on something so small is still hard to get your head around.

Treasure Palace Mobile Slot Verdict

We don’t want to put novice players off this mobile slot however we think it may not have the excitement you need. For the more seasoned player though we think this game is a winner. Its massive positives are the simplicity of play and the large jackpot. Not tried Treasure Palace? Then maybe now is the time.

Where to play Treasure Palace mobile slot?

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In Brief

Treasure Palace mobile slot could really brighten up your day! It has massive multipliers and large jackpots to be won.

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